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Pratik Oswal on why overseas investing is imperative for Indian investors

Have a minimum of 15 to 20% (one or two) global funds in your portfolio for diversification, says Oswal

| Sep 12, 2020


Why HNIs end up being poor equity investors

Family offices, ultra-HNIs, and business owners are some of the most sought after clients by mutual funds, wealth management outfits, banks, and independent advisors. The cost and time of servicing a wealthy and super-wealthy customer are pretty much the same.

| Aug 24, 2020


Use index funds to diversify internationally, says Pratik Oswal of Motilal Oswal AMC

“Index funds are getting popular with the Do it yourself (DIY) investors today. Large investors are also warming up on the idea of having a part of their equity allocation in index funds today as a part of their core allocation, ” says Oswal

| Aug 20, 2020


Are Index Funds Good Avenues For Retail Investors To Enter

Focus on asset allocation at the right risk profile, combined with disciplined investing. This approach leads to maximum effectiveness.


| Aug 11, 2020


Equity MFs see first outflows since 2016

1. Redemptions rise amid worries over exuberance in stock prices
2. July saw a net outflow of ₹2,480.35 crore from equity mutual funds, the first such sell-off since March 2016

| Aug 11, 2020


Home returns not enough, stock investors crave for Google, Apple

While Indian market’s best returns came from business behemoth Reliance Industries, which gained 140 per cent from its 52-week low hit on March 23, 2020, Elon Musk’s auto giant Tesla turned a multibagger, surging as much as 750 per cent in these four months.

| Aug 05, 2020


The community and customers support a business with a purpose’ – 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From positioning to purpose, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

| Aug 04, 2020


Why you should not buy international funds?

With Indian equity underperforming over the last few years and with the opposite happening in the US – international funds and stocks are all the rage. Today, thousands of investors are moving towards buying stock and funds having international exposure. However – it remains necessary for investors the keep things in mind before taking the plunge. What are they?

| Jul 21, 2020


Markets are looking forward: Nilesh Shah on rally in equity

Banking on the expectation of current account surplus and economic package by the government, the markets are optimistic about the future, which is leading to a rally in equities, according to a top fund manager.

| Jul 16, 2020


Not FAANG, but Indian investors are lapping up ‘FAAMNG’ stocks

A rally in the US market has been driven by a handful of leading tech stocks and consequently, it is not surprising that most asset managers have reasonably high exposure to them.

| Jul 08, 2020