How does Compound Interest play a role in Investments


How to plan your investments to meet financial goals

Investment planning is no easy feat. It takes considerable research, simulations, and calculations to arrive at a plan that meets your financial goals. Here’s how to start.

More Than 5 Ways to Get Below Average Returns in Mutual Funds

We believe that investing is less about doing things right and more about not doing the wrong things. Let’s explore this concept and keep in mind that not all commonly followed practices generate great results.

Why You Should Start Investing Early?

If we start investing early, we can weave magic and achieve long-term goals without trouble. It makes us more disciplined, helps plan out budgets, and much more.

The Risk of Relying on Mutual Fund Ratings

Mutual fund ratings can often end up being less effective than many investors tend to believe. After all, they attempt to convert complex data into an easy to understand metric - a task that has a fairly varied efficiency.

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