Introduction to Different Types of Asset Allocation

Learn about the different types of asset allocation and how it helps you create a balance between risk and returns to achieve financial goals.

Mutual Fund NAV Calculation: How Does It Work?

There’s more to a mutual fund NAV calculation than meets the eye. What does it tell you about the fund’s performance, portfolio, future growth?

A Short ‘Tail’ of Active and Passive Investing

The unpredictable nature of market coupled with lack of consistent performance by funds prompts the need to introduce a flavor of passive investing to an investor portfolio.

Types of Mutual Funds in India

Understand the different types of mutual funds - equity funds, debt funds, and index funds, and how to choose the right mutual fund for yourself.

Mutual Funds & Taxation – Everything You Need To Know

Your choice of investments, your quantum of investment, and whether you should even stay or exit an investment - all determine how much taxes you may pay in the long run.

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