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7 Investment Lessons Bappa Teaches Us

Also known as the Lord of Prosperity, Lord Ganesha is associated with abundance and prosperity. As we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s learn from the great lord how to build wealth.

Lord Ganesha is universally adored. Devotees worldwide love God by taking the idol into their homes and offering various modaks, fruits, flowers, and so on. But did you realise Lord Ganesha has a deeper meaning? Every portion of Lord Ganesha, from his head, ears, and trunk to his little feet, represents attributes and values humans must imbibe to have a good life. 

The goal of idol worship is to comprehend its symbolic meaning and implement it in your daily life. Similarly, while celebrating Ganesha Chaturthi with zeal, one should also carry the wisdom that Lord Ganesha's symbolism holds.

Lord Ganesha is knowledgeable, kind, and of great assistance to people who seek his favour. Lord Ganesha's iconography can be used in all aspects of life. As we all know, Ganesh Ji is the god of prosperity and wealth. 

This Ganesh Chaturthi, let Lord Ganesha Guide you through Investments.

The Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is about to begin; it's the ideal time to reflect on our beloved god and acquire some great lessons about investment.

  1. All there is to do is START.
    • Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for ten days. So we need to get started straight now. Given that time works on your money and multiplies it. So there is no right time to start your investment journey. Ideally, the correct time is NOW!
  2. Concentration and Focus are the Keys
    • Ganesha's small, keen eyes and intense gaze reveal a mind focused on the mission. You must keep this focused approach with your investment plan and strive towards your financial goals once you have identified them on your wealth creation path.
    • When it comes to your investments, having an eye for detail implies that you always notice the distinguishing elements of a scheme and the advantages and cons of each investment option. You will be able to build a well-diversified, strategic, all-weather portfolio as a result of this.
    • Furthermore, you should remain focused and involved in the market for a set period to earn optimal profits.
  3. Have an eye for the Value of Money
    • If you look attentively at Lord Ganesha's persona, you will see no pretentiousness in the humble God's personality or clothes. Instead, he travels with a simple mouse, which represents the idea of frugality. What is the significance of frugality in financial planning? Most of us regard our savings as a residual amount that remains after we have met our needs. However, in an ideal world, we should save and invest every rupee we earn before spending the rest.
    • The correct value of money thus, when understood, can bring growth in wealth and thus add to prosperity. 
  4. Make sure you are flexible.
    • The flexibility of Lord Ganesha's trunk reflects his adaptable nature, and he follows what is right. As a result, Lord Ganesha is also known as 'Vakratundaya.' The ability to be adaptable is critical as an investor. Because the market is constantly changing, the Portfolio may experience highs and lows. However, we should always strive to be adaptive regarding our finances. Vakratundaya also signifies that the way to eternal bliss is not easy; you must be determined to overcome obstacles to reach the other side of the shore.
    • Similarly, the path to creating strong finances is burdensome; there will always be challenging terrain to navigate, which means poor market times, economic slowdown, market crashes, and so on. However, you have the power of discrimination in deciding whether to keep your assets, switch to another fund, or simply follow the crowd and make hasty judgments, such as selling the asset or investing without investigation. Furthermore, ensure that you regularly analyse and monitor the performance of your portfolio to decide if it is assisting you in your goal of wealth. Finally, be open to new investment opportunities so you can make quick adjustments to your portfolio.
  5. Project Risk Tolerance
    • Lord Ganesha's colossal belly indicates endurance and the willingness to accept risks. Ganesha advises us to consume only what we can afford, assess our risk tolerance, and invest accordingly. When new to the markets, consider investing systematically through SIPs and gradually increasing the amount you invest over time.
    • Avoid investing a large chunk of money in high-risk assets all at once. Given the market's volatility, investing in securities that exceed your risk tolerance may result in capital loss. You must have the risk tolerance to chew through market volatility and digest any poor decisions.
    • Building an emergency fund with 12-24 months of costs, including loan EMIs, is one method to construct a safety net. Uncertain occurrences, such as this epidemic, might influence your risk tolerance and produce turbulence in your portfolio. This contingency fund will serve as your backup plan in a financial emergency.
  6. Taking small actions will lead to significant results.
    • A massive head and large ears distinguish Lord Ganesha's appearance, but a small mouth and small eyes. The gigantic head of Lord Ganesha motivates us to pursue knowledge with an open mind and to dream big for the future. Large ears that can learn and grasp at the same time skillfully used lips, and eyes that are narrowed and focused on the details. While the big picture is essential for reminding us of our goals when investing, we also need to be able to pay attention to the details and make little but consistent investments.
  7. Eventually, everything will pass!
    • As this festival reminds us, nothing lasts forever. Every year, Lord Ganesha tells us that the festivities will begin but will also finish. The happy times do not last forever, and the terrible times pass. This is a good lesson in terms of investment. There will be good times and bad times. We must make the most of our good moments to sail through the bad ones. The basic premise of our financial planning should be that terrible times will last much longer than happy ones. As a result, it's better to plan for the worse while also buying the best!

On the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, these are some simple yet effective lessons we can learn from Lord Ganesha himself. We can take a moment to understand them and then try applying them to our investment practices. On this note, Glide Invest wishes all of our readers a Happy Ganesha Chaturthi.
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