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How to buy the latest iPhone when you cannot afford one?

In this blog we tell you how you can own an iPhone without having to sell your kidney.
How to buy the latest iPhone when you cannot afford one

Amid usual anticipation and fanfare - this time via a virtual event, Apple just launched the latest version of the iconic iPhone - The iPhone 13. The phone comes in 4 different variants and the price range varies from Rs 69,000 to Rs 1,79,000/-.

If you just broke into laughter of disbelief at the price then you aren't alone. The internet too burst into a hilarious memefest and here are some of our favourite memes.

If you are wanting to own the latest iPhone and cannot afford it right now, here are some tips in case you are looking to own one in the future:

Simple yet important tip: You should start saving now.

Well, we all love to spend but saving doesn't come naturally to most of us, isn't it? While saving towards buying an iPhone is necessary, it may not be sufficient. As you may know, due to inflation, the value of your money decreases with time thereby reducing your purchasing power. So the money you end up saving now may not be sufficient to purchase an iPhone at a later period.

So what do you do with the money saved? You invest. You allow it to grow. You can use the magic of compound interest and see your money grow exponentially. Know more about the power of Compound interest here and how it can make you wealthy.

Now, how can you start investing in your iPhone?

Set your iPhone Goal on our App and let us Guide you.

At GlideInvest, your Goal is our command. If your goal is to buy an iPhone, let us start right away.

Open the GlideInvest App and you can set a goal for buying an iPhone with the following steps:

  1. Create a new goal and give it a title(Eg My Brand New iPhone)
  2. Enter the amount as the iPhone's estimated cost
  3. Enter the number of years in which you wish to accumulate the money for the iPhone
  4. Select the annual increment in step-up SIP (10%, 15%, or 25%)
  5. Based on your risk profile, the platform will recommend to you the monthly SIP amount you need to invest and the asset allocation.

As simple as that!

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