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How To Get Rich Ft Money Heist

In this blog, we will see how Money Heist, a modern-day Pop-culture phenomenon can teach us important lessons about investing.

They say that life can teach us in myriad ways. Who would have thought that a falling apple would lead to one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever? If an apple can, why can’t a TV show impart life lessons? On the surface of it, Money Heist could simply pass off as an extremely popular fantasy fiction about the biggest financial plunder of all time. However, if looked at closely, it teaches us important lessons about creating wealth - without having to steal. Let’s have a look at some investment lessons from Money Heist:

1- Start - Early

Let's take this time to appreciate the fact that The Professor actually started planning heists from a very young age. Since the age of 19, he even stopped renewing his ID card so as to be able to take multiple identities in the future for the sake of the heist. What most people see is the final result of the heist that was successfully completed just in a few days. What most people miss is how invested The Professor was since his childhood in making it happen.

As this blog on the magical principle of Compound Interest will tell you, there is a huge difference if you start investing in your 20s vs investing in your 30s. In the investment scale of time, every year you delay investing, you are losing potential wealth. Don’t forget, Warren Buffet started investing at the age of 11 and we kid you not, it played a huge role in him becoming one of the world’s most celebrated investors of all time.

2- Have A Plan

So how did a bunch of small-time thieves pull off one of the biggest and most jaw-dropping heists in criminal history? Among many things they did right, one of the most important pillars was having a solid plan. Even in The Professor’s absence all of them seemed in control of the Heist because they were following a rock-solid plan with a master strategy.

Even if you are an amateur or a first-time investor, a good plan can do wonders for you.  In order to achieve your financial goal, you must take charge of your life and start planning now. With the right research, calculation, and strategy, you too can make your financial dreams come true and drop the jaws of those around you.

3- It’s OK if you don't understand financial jargon

Who would have thought, in a market dominated by English content, a Spanish speaking show and cast would take the world by storm? Soon after it premiered on Netflix, Money Heist not only became the most-watched non-English show on the platform but also one of the most-watched shows of all time. At one point, the show’s largest market was India, a country home to hundreds of indigenous languages, Spanish definitely not among them. If the makers of the show did not consider language as a barrier towards their goal, why should you?

A lot of potentially great investors never take their first step towards investing because they feel bogged down by their inability to grasp financial knowledge and jargon. The truth is, making a great investment and becoming wealthy is more about cultivating the right attitude and mindset towards money than about technical know-how. You must read our review of the Global Bestseller The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel to know more about this life-changing and myth dispelling idea.

4- Have A Trusted Guide

Well, it's difficult to imagine the heist without the involvement and seamless execution by those in the now-iconic red jumpsuits right? Tokyo, Denver, Berlin, Nairobi and the rest just seem perfectly cut for the job. But there is one person without whom none of it would be possible - everyone’s guardian angel - The Mastermind-  The Professor.

At GlideInvest, we believe every human is potentially a great investor or actually a legendary investor. However, it takes a teacher or a mentor to handhold you and bring out your inherent genius. If you are willing to trust us, GlideInvest App can become your investment coach, guide, and mentor. If you show your love by trusting us with your money, we will handhold you till you meet your financial goal. It's a promise! Coaches like us come rarely. Our app has only been created so that we can experience the joy of getting you to your financial goal.

5- Patience - Be there for the long run

Not many know this but during the initial run of the show in 2017, it was actually deemed a failure and the TV channel on which it was aired was on the verge of cancelling this show due to falling viewership. It was only when Netflix stepped into takeover of the show that it began its race towards unprecedented success.

Similarly, the secret recipe to reaping the benefits of your investment in an enormous way is - time. We all know markets tend to be volatile but it is the virtue of sailing through tough times and allowing your money to find full expression that is key to intelligent investment. If Warren Buffet quit investing at the age of 60, he would have been 99.9% less rich than he was today. So be patient and allow your money to grow.

So, what is the best time for you to invest? Yesterday! If you missed that deadline, do it now. Download the Glide Invest App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get started.

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