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Investment Lessons from Ramayana

“Humans think in stories rather than in facts, numbers, or equations, and the simpler the story, the better.” Yuval Noah Harari

For thousands of years, the Ramayana has captured the imagination of an entire civilization. The story is so fantastical that It often begs people to ask whether the events really took place or not. There are numerous conspiracy theories around the Ramayana and many historians even point out to exact places mentioned in these epics that carry the proof of their occurrence. However, wise men do not care whether these incidents are true or not. What matters to them is the lesson the stories have to offer and when it comes to Lord Ram, there are plenty. In this blog, we will learn solid investment lessons from the life of Lord Rama and the holy Ramayana.

Lakshman Rekha: Know Your Budget

Remember how Laxmana drew a line of protection around Sita Devi and forbade her from crossing it? It was said that as long as Sita Devi stayed within the periphery of the rekha, no evil entity could harm her but as soon as she stepped out, it led to her kidnapping. Similarly, when it comes to our expenses, we too must set a rekha so as to protect our future. Set a monthly budget for yourself and ensure you stay within the premise of your budget.

Ram Setu: Build The Bridge Brick By Brick

Little efforts will go a long way. What initially seemed an insurmountable goal of reaching another island across the ocean, without any modern-day technology was achieved by tiny efforts made by countless volunteers. Every tiny brick laid by the members of vanar sena eventually became the Ram Setu bridge that connected the land of Bharata to Lanka thus literally paving way for what would later become a legendary victory.

If you discipline yourself to invest even a tiny amount every month, with the magic of compound interest, it can eventually snowball into massive wealth. Know more about Systematic Investment Plans(SIPs) by reading our blog here and start investing a little every month now.

Keep Your Promises

When Lord Rama was asked to go on exile for 14 years over an unfulfilled promise his father had made to his step-mother Kaikeyi. Lord Rama knew the importance of keeping one's promise so even though he didn't make it, just out of respect for his father's promise, he banished to the forest without flinching an eye!

At GlideInvest, you can make a promise to yourself - either to own a house, buy your favourite phone, or a holiday to your dream destination. Once you make the promise by setting the goal in our app, it is our duty to hold your hand and help you get there! Once you make the promise, you must commit to it with utmost discipline and make it happen. Ok? So let's start by making a promise of achieving whatever your dream for by using our goal feature here.

Keep Your Balance, No Matter What Happens

In the course of his eventful lifetime, Lord Rama had to endure a series of unfavourable events such as his exile, the kidnapping of his wife, the war with Ravana, and then later having to banish his wife from the kingdom. Not once did Lord Rama lose his balance during any of these experiences but in fact, he sailed through them gracefully.

In the course of your investment journey, you too may have to face many unfavourable events such as recessions, an adverse economy etc but it is important that you stay balanced and poised through all these situations keeping your eye stead on your goal.

Find Your Agastya: Go To The Expert

During their exile, Lord Rama, Sita Devi, and Laxmana are said to have visited the ashram of the great sage Agastya Muni. At Sage Agastya's ashram, they sought his blessings and also special knowledge only Agastya Muni was privy to which later came in handy during the war with Ravana. 

When you are about to walk an uncharted territory such as the world of finance and investment,  it makes sense to seek guidance from an expert. At GlideInvest, it is our privilege to guide you through your journey free from financial difficulty by offering you plans picked by our Nobel-Prize winning research!

Patience Patience, and Patience

Imagine the patience it may take for one to be in exile for 14 long years that too in the wilderness of the forest? But Lord Rama did not look back even once. One of the greatest virtues in the world of investment (some may argue it is the ONLY virtue) is patience. Do check this blog to know how a woman turned $180 to over $7M.

Get Your Own Sanjeevani Mountain

When Lakshmana was seriously injured, there was an urgent need for the magical herb called Sanjivani to save his life. When Hanuman ji set out to find this magical herb, he got confused and got the entire mountain instead. Similarly, if you are confused as to what stock to pick, it is best to invest in Index mutual funds where you invest in all the stocks that come as part of an index. So, even if you lose money from one stock, you make up for it by profiting from the others. It is considered to be one of the safest modes of investment. Know more about Index funds by clicking here.

Don't Get Intimidated - You Too Can Become Wealthy

Fighting a war on a foreign land against a formidable army without any army of your own could have been intimidating for others but not for Lord Rama. He eventually built an army of his own and defeated Ravana in Lanka.

Similarly, don't get too intimidated by the world of finance and investment that may seem alien to you at the start. At GlideInvest, we conduct a unique personalized test to understand your psychology profile and risk-taking capacity and only then suggest plans that are best suited for you. Take your test now by clicking here.

This Dussehra it is our heartfelt wish that the Goodness of Prosperity and Wealth defeat the evil of Financial difficulties in your life.

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