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Investment & Portfolio Analysis: How can I track my investments regularly?

Understand how to conduct investment and portfolio analysis and how to track your investments regularly for optimum returns.

Creating an investment portfolio is only half the job done in the financial planning journey for an investor. The investor needs to regularly review the investment portfolio to check whether the investments are performing as expected. The common question that worries many investors is "How to conduct investment and portfolio analysis" and How can I track my investments regularly?”

Portfolio analysis becomes more challenging when you have made investments through multiple channels. An investor can make investments in various securities through various channels like:

a) Investments in mutual fund schemes directly through the mutual fund house website or branch office

b) Investments in mutual funds schemes through mutual fund distribution apps

c)      Lumpsum or SIP investments through mutual fund distributors

d) Investments in mutual fund schemes through banks

As an investor, if you have invested in mutual funds through some or all of the channels mentioned above, then tracking your investment portfolio can be overwhelming for you.

Glide Invest App: One place to view all your investments

The Glide Invest Team has received a lot of feedback from investors on finding it difficult to get a holistic view of their overall investment portfolio. Keeping this in mind, the Team has come up with a solution that can help investors manage all of their investments from one place, i.e. within the Glide Invest App.

Steps for a holistic view of an investment portfolio

a) Upload CAS: An investor needs to upload his/her monthly Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) generated and received from KFintech on the Glide Invest App in a couple of easy steps. The CAS is a statement consisting of all your transactions of mutual funds across various AMCs.

b) Portfolio insights: Once you upload the CAS, you will get insights into your consolidated portfolio, including your investments made through the Glide Invest App and external investments. Your external portfolio includes investments in mutual funds using any platform earlier, whether through AMC, broker, or advisor. So along with getting a holistic view of your consolidated portfolio, you will understand the asset allocation of your investments made through all platforms.

c) Fund level insights: Along with insights on asset allocation, you will also get information on the performance of the mutual fund schemes in your internal (Glide Invest App) and external portfolio. Accordingly, you can take any corrective action if required.

d) On-call consultation: You will also get insights on your external investments in regular plans of mutual funds, how their returns fare with direct plans of mutual funds, and the impact it will have on your overall portfolio returns. If you need more assistance in making the right investment decision, you can set up a call with a NISM certified investment advisor. The advisor will explain the risk and hidden potential within your portfolio.

e) Track all investments daily: In the “Portfolio Overview” section of the Glide Invest App, you will be able to keep track of all your investments daily, provided you keep updating your monthly CAS. You will receive your monthly CAS from KFintech on the Glide Invest App. The CAS consists of all your transactions of mutual funds across various AMCs. On uploading the CAS, you will get a holistic view of your latest investment portfolio. In addition, you will get a real-time view of your overall portfolio with regular tracking and analytics.

f) Historical performance of the entire portfolio: Along with tracking the daily performance of your investments, you can also view the historical performance of your entire investment portfolio.

Benefits of portfolio analysis with Glide Invest App

In the above section, we have seen how the Glide Invest App can help you upload your CAS and give you an analysis of your overall portfolio. Let us summarise the benefits of portfolio analysis with the Glide Invest App:

  1. Portfolio analysis in a simple and stress-free manner.
  2. Quick report generation in 5 minutes for tracking and analysing investments.
  3. Saves time by eliminating the need for manual entries and formulas.
  4. Provides an accurate report with no scope for errors.
  5. Provides asset allocation details.
  6. Provides mutual fund scheme analysis.
  7. You can discover hidden charges within your portfolio.
  8. Gives actionable insights about your holdings.
  9. You also have the option to set up a call with a qualified Financial Advisor.
  10. Gives a real-time view of your portfolio - regular tracking and analytics

 If you have ongoing mutual fund investments through various platforms and would like to get a consolidated portfolio analysis, download the Glide Invest App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get started.

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