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Gain More From Your Investment Journey!

Investing with Glide Invest gives users the opportunity to earn cash back by redeeming Glide Coins. Earn each time you refer your friends to Glide Invest.

Glidevestors!!! You're about to have the most rewarding investment journey of your life. We at Glide Invest are offering an exciting opportunity for you to refer your friends and family to us and let them also experience the joy of investing.

Get wealthy together with our 'Reward & Referral program. Check out the details below to know more!

Say ‘Hello’ to Glide coins with our Reward & Refer program!

Using the Glide Invest app, you can now earn glide coins at each step in your investment journey. These coins are offered to encourage you to build healthy financial habits and can be redeemed in the form of cashback in your bank account.

What’s in it for you?

When you practice a good financial habit, you will be rewarded with Glide coins.The points can be redeemed only after you have accumulated 250 Glide coins. Each Glide coin is worth Re. 0.50.

Here’s a step-by-step approach on how to earn Glide Coins on the Glide Invest App.

                          Actions            Points Earned( Rewards)
1. Sign up & complete your account setup
2. Complete Risk Profiling
3. Complete your KYC
4. One-time recurring payment setup.(Mandate)
5. Existing mutual fund investment check (CAS)
50 points
50 points
100 points
50 points
50 points

Refer your friends & earn 500 Glide Coins

1.   Share the referral link with your friends through any one of the following mediums.   

2.   Your friends complete each step and complete their KYC.

3.   Your friends do a transaction and you receive 500 Glide coins. Yayy!!!

500 Glide Coins are equal to Rs.250.

How to redeem Glide coins?

To redeem your Glide coins, you need to verify your profile, complete your KYC and account opening formalities to confirm your identity and bank account for redemption. Funds will be only transferred to the bank account registered by you during your account creation process.

Now doesn’t that sound easy,rewarding & exciting? So, what are you waiting for?  Refer your loved ones right away & let them experience the joy of smart investing with Glide Invest.

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