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Investing Skills: A Need for the Future

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, investing is the act of putting money into something to make money or gain a competitive edge. Investing requires skill and can qualify to become a need of the future! Wondering how and why? Read on!

Skill refers to the ability to perform a specific task with perfection. Life is a continuous learning process. Therefore, learning new skills is essential for success in the professional world. Applying new skills in the workplace makes us feel accomplished. It makes us aware of our worth and abilities. 

To take it a step ahead, United Nations General Assembly designated July 15 as World Youth Skills Day in 2014. This was done to recognise the strategic significance of providing young people with the skills necessary to grow personally and professionally.

As we grow old, there is one skill we all wish we had learnt in school: Making your money grow, aka, Investing. But we are saving money, so why invest? While there is nothing wrong with keeping money in bank accounts, there is a real possibility that the value could eventually decline due to inflation. This highlights the need for early investment education, including understanding the market, portfolio diversification, compounding, and other ideas to help money increase value. 

Why does Investing matter?

People no longer rely only on their savings to ensure their financial security in the future. Savings may not be sufficient in today's world to guarantee financial security. This is due to two factors: first, the money sitting idle in your bank account is a lost opportunity because it can't be used to increase your wealth, and second, it can't be utilised to outpace inflation.

The truth makes it evident that gaining money and hoarding it is insufficient. Making your money work harder for you might be beneficial. So how do you go about it? Through INVESTMENT.

Financial security in the present and the future is ensured through investing. It enables you to increase your wealth while producing returns that outperform inflation. As a result, you also gain from compounding's advantages. Additionally, investments may help you achieve your financial objectives, including buying a home, saving for retirement, and creating an emergency fund.

Instilling a practice of setting away a certain sum each month or annually for your investments helps you build financial discipline. 

How to enhance the Skill of Investing?

In the investment world, everything changes on a day-to-day basis; the stock markets may have been stable yesterday, but today everything is fluctuating like a roller coaster due to a minor adjustment. As a result, individuals must understand that there is no checklist for becoming outstanding investors and that they should continually strive to improve. People should constantly develop their investment skills as the world evolves. 

  1. Invest in Investment Training Classes
    • If you have a fascination with money and would like to know how investing works, training courses are effectively a good idea. There are many investment-related programmes, such as accounting, which is essentially the language of business. However, investors who are not trained in accounting would benefit most from taking some basic accounting classes.
  2. Keep reading, coz there is never enough of it!
    • Reading is as essential to investing as eating; it keeps investors informed of current events, past events, and various investing strategies. This information may be found in books, articles, finance news, etc. In addition, when examining businesses and projects for investment, reading broadens the mind and gives a person interested in investing a solid understanding of many facets of the world.
    • The most incredible way to find an excellent book that provides the skills an investor seeks is to visit a bookshop and choose a book that excites. Each investor has various preferences and seeks out different topics to learn about.
  3. Have your Hat of Patience on
    • An extremely crucial trait for any investor to possess. People should concentrate on their patience in addition to their investment skills. Even if you invest money, time, and effort in something, it cannot alter within a day or a week. The public needs to be aware that the changes they will observe are long-lasting. Investors are placing bets on a project, but that project needs to develop and adapt to market conditions. Because they must conduct long-term analysis, investors must be strong planners and thinkers. Most investors claim that it takes them two to three years to find the ideal plan for them to get good market returns.
  4. Do not take investments lightly.
    • People must know that handling investments like a game or a casino is NOT the appropriate approach! It is crucial to clarify that the stock market is not a casino but a place for businesses to raise funds. Each stock has a separate underlying business. Investors should see the process of investing as something serious that requires extensive research, ongoing analysis, and significant work.
  5. Invest with enjoyment
    • As previously said, investing is a journey toward accumulating and creating wealth; investors should embrace and enjoy the process. When looking for investing images, there is always the photo with the seeds in it. Why? Because most people should consider investing as sowing the seeds of financial success today and reaping the rewards years from now. Investing is also a journey of self-discovery as others get to understand your psyche and flaws. If we learn from our errors and work to improve, the process can improve us as people.

Few Investment Options in India to choose from

Direct Equity
Mutual Funds
Public Provident Fund (PPF)
National Pension System (NPS)
Fixed Deposits (FDs)

What Type of Investment Should You Make? 

There isn't a single universal investment strategy. The investment decision is influenced by several variables, including risk tolerance, age, investment horizon, and financial objectives. Decide wisely for yourself as a result. It is wise to invest after doing a thorough study and fully comprehending your available investing possibilities. The effects of taxes on your investments and returns are something else you might want to consider.

To ensure your financial security in the future, acquire investing skills, learn the strategies that might work for you, and keep learning what will work best for you. And yes, start investing as early as you can! 
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