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Be Financially Eveready!

Life is unpredictable, you don't know what crisis will hit you next.

But, with an Emergency fund in place you can tide over unplanned or unexpected financial situations.

Investing in Liquid Mutual Funds is a Simple and effective way to create an Emergency fund. With Glide Invest create an Emergency Goal and be prepared for unplanned expenses.

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3 things
to remember when setting up emergency funds.
Save 3 to 6 months of expenses.
Emergency funds ≠ saving in bank account. Save through Liquid Mutual Funds.
Use emergency funds only for Emergency Situations
3 steps
to setup emergency funds with Glide Invest.
Step 1.
Create a FREE account with Glide Invest. Android. iOS.
Step 2.
Select Emergency Goal from Goals
Step 3.
Setup the target amount & keep investing till amount is realized.
Why Glide Invest?
Find out.
Emergency Funds #101
Why Savings account is not a good choice to plan for emergency fund?
Money in Savings account offer Negative Real Return
Simply put, Interest earned through Savings account is less than the cost of inflation, which reduces the purchasing power of your money.
Let's understand this with simple math’s, interest rate offered by savings account = 3.5% to 5.00% (remember with conditions of minimum balance, tenure & threshold limits in place) whereas the cost of inflation is around 7%. This means your money is not generating enough returns & thus you lose purchasing power in long term. Don't forget the other expenses associated with your bank account also impacts the returns.
Money in Savings account get spent unconsciously.
To be able to take care of unavoidable expense in absence of income. To avoid borrowing. To be focused on your regaining your source of income and not be worried about expenses.
3 to 6 months of expenses (You may choose to include EMI’s). Other factors which decide the amount are number of dependents, lifestyle and age of family members.
Liquid Mutual Funds are debt funds which invests into debt & cash market securities with maturity of upto 91 days. There are Debt funds with maturity period of 1 year also.
We say, Yes! Liquid mutual funds are not linked to stock (Equity) market and is independent of it's volatility. They invest in fixed deposits & Bond paper of government and private companies which returns money within 91 days.

No. Big No.

Always remember emergency funds are for unplanned situation.

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