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Mutual Fund Online Calculator

Looking for a mutual fund return calculator? Glide Invest’s mutual fund calculator helps you calculate future value of your mutual fund investment. Read to know about how they function

Mutual funds have been gaining much popularity in the investment market recently. Many investors are opting for mutual funds due to their smart benefits, despite them being a little risky. As technology is reaching great heights, many corporations and firms provide easy online services for investors to choose the correct scheme. One of them is the mutual fund calculator.

Real-time mutual funds return calculation tools

Mutual fund calculators are tools that calculate the returns an investor can receive from investing in mutual funds. Some of the types of MF return calculators are listed below:

What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds are investment vehicles driven by the money invested by a pool of investors. A professional fund manager manages the money by investing it in various market securities like stocks, funds, bonds, gold, and other assets to yield potential returns. The profits or losses of the investments are shared proportionally by the investors, depending on their contribution.

How can mutual funds online calculators help you?

Mutual funds can sometimes seem confusing to new investors, but with the help of online mutual funds return calculators, you can invest in the correct scheme. It is simple and easy to use; you don’t require any special knowledge to access it. It can help you in the following ways:

  • It is a simple tool that lets you know the estimated returns on entering the scheme's investment amount and period.
  • It helps in planning your budget and expenses before you invest.
  • It helps you choose the more profitable scheme as you know the amount you will receive on maturity.

How do mutual funds calculators work?

There are two ways in which mutual fund calculators calculate your estimated returns- One-time and SIP investment. Mutual fund investment calculators usually use the concept of future value to give you the desired results.

One-time investment calculator / Lumpsum calculator

In this type of mutual funds scheme, you invest a one-time amount for a fixed period. One of the advantages of choosing this scheme type is that the NAV (net asset value) of the funds during your investment will not affect your returns.

The returns are calculated by the mutual fund calculator using the following formula:

Suppose you have invested a sum of 10 lakhs in a mutual fund scheme for a period of 10 years. The estimated rate of returns is 10% per annum. Then, the calculated return amount will be:

Future Value = Present Value (1 + r/100)^n

Where present value= 10,00,000 rupees

r= 10%

n= 10 years

SIP investment calculator

SIP is a systematic investment plan in which you can invest in designated schemes every month. However, the NAV of the funds you invest in will affect the returns according to their market value. 

The online mutual fund calculator uses the following formula to calculate your SIP returns.

FV = P [(1+i)^n-1]*(1+i)/i 

i= r/100/12

Where FV= Future value

P= Amount you are investing

i= compound rate of interest

n= investment tenure

r= estimated rate

Estimated mutual fund returns on key schemes

There are three types of stocks that you can invest in mutual funds- equity, debt, and hybrid. Here are some of the estimated mutual fund returns depending on the tenure.

Equity funds

Scheme nameRiskReturns in 1 yearReturns in 3 years
Aditya Birla SL Equity FundHigh11.87%14.58%
ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity FundModerate13.18%11.03%

Debt funds

Scheme nameRiskReturns in 1 yearReturns in 3 years
UTI Credit Risk FundHigh6.06%8.19%
HDFC Medium Term Opportunities FundModerate5.92%8.00%

Hybrid funds

Scheme nameRiskReturns in 1 yearReturns in 3 years
Kotak Equity Savings Fund Low9.10%8.12%
HDFC Balanced FundModerate10.43%11.63%

How to use Glide Invest’s mutual fund calculator

Glide Invest’s MF returns calculator provides you with accurate return estimates with just a few simple steps. You can access it from anywhere and any device as it is an online platform providing you with multiple device accessibility. Enter the amount you want to invest, the rate of return, and the tenure of your investment. The returns upon the maturity of tenure will show up in just a few moments.

The advantages of using Glide Invest’s mutual fund calculator are:

  • Accurate results with basic information within seconds.
  • No complex data is required.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Saves time.


  1. How to invest in a mutual fund scheme?
    You can simply invest in a mutual fund scheme by contacting mutual funds agents and distributors who provide services all over the country. You can also connect to a bank or post office as they also provide mutual fund schemes.
  2. What is Net Asset Value (NAV)?
    NAV denotes the performance of the scheme in the market. It directly affects the returns of the scheme.
  3. Is there any risk in mutual funds?
    Yes, there is risk associated with an investment in mutual funds as they are linked to the stock market. It is always suggested to monitor the terms and conditions of the scheme before investing.

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