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Don’t just take our word,
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Umesh Mandve
Umesh Mandve
A very simple and user friendly app to start investing journey which helped in goal planning with asset allocation. The app also educates through learn section. Overall its a promising app.
Rushikesh Pawaskar
Rushikesh Pawaskar
Good experience, clean UI and a great idea for investment platform. loved the feature of financial goal planning. Created four life goals using the platform.
Nisha Prasad
Nisha Prasad
Everybody is doing direct mutual funds, but Glide Invest is creating custom portfolios based on my needs. I liked the way it educates and uses passive investing philosophy, which is also recommended by Warren Buffett.
Don’t just take our word, Hear what others are saying!
What is asset allocation?
Asset allocation is the implementation of an investment strategy that attempts to balance risk versus reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset in an investment portfolio according to the investor’s risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame.
Goal based investing is a process of investing in specific instruments to achieve a particular financial goals. The choice of financial products is dependent on the investors risk tolerance, duration of goal and investible corpus. Some examples of investment goals are retirement, child’s education, travel & vacations. Glide Invest’s algorithm recommends a holistic portfolio for each individual goal with exposure to several asset classes so that you enjoy stress free returns at a low cost.
Even the best ships have life boats. Even the best planes have parachutes. There are the events that you cannot anticipate, but you can always prepare for them. Events like a job loss, a medical emergency, a natural calamity can cause serious mental and emotional turmoil. A good emergency fund acts like a safety net. It reduces the impact of such events in your day to day life drastically. At Glide Invest we recommend each investor to build an emergency fund before they start investing. The key prospects of an emergency fund are quick access and inflation matching returns.
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