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Find out the returns your monthly SIP investments will generate for a specific period and ROI using our SIP calculators.

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SIP - Systematic Investment Plan

Before you start investing in Mutual funds you might want to know expected returns? But the question is how to calculate it. A manual calculation is a daunting task! Here is where SIP calculators come into the picture. Just enter values and let our calculator do the hard work.

Why use SIP calculator?

SIP calculators are - Easy to use - 100% accurate - Quick calculations for different SIP amounts - Graphical representation.

How to use SIP calculator?

1. Enter the monthly SIP amount (Max up to 5lac).

2. Select the period for which you want to continue SIP.

3. Set value for expected Interest rate.

4. Check the returns on the right side of the SIP calculator panel.


undefined ??  How are mutual fund returns calculated?

How are mutual fund returns calculated?

Mutual fund returns are calculated based on investment time horizon and mode of investment such as lumpsum or SIP.

undefined ??  SIP Calculators and How it Works

SIP Calculators and How it Works

SIP calculation can be used to determine your mutual fund investments returns throughout your SIP tenure and to plan your investment corpus.

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How to Make Your First 1 Crore

In this article will discuss how to make your first one crore with appropriate asset allocation and mutual fund SIPs. Also, how a step-up SIP will help you reach your financial goal of Rs....