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What is an SWP?

Let us start by understanding what an SWP is. It stands for Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP). An SWP allows you to invest a lump sum amount (for example, in a debt fund), wherein you can withdraw a specified amount every month. After the monthly amount withdrawal, the balance remains invested and earns returns. At the end of the investment period, the amount in the account is returned to the investor.
The Glide Invest SWP calculator is simple and easy to use. You need to input the following parameters:
  1. Lumpsum investment:

    In this field, you need to input the lumpsum amount you will be investing. It can be your retirement corpus.
  2. Withdrawal per month:

    In this field, you need to input the amount you will be withdrawing every month. It can be your monthly expenses during your retirement years.
  3. Investment period:

    In this field, you need to input the investment period. For your retirement period, it can be 20 years, based on the life expectancy of 80 years.
  4. Expected rate of return:

    In this field, you need to input the return that you are expecting on your investment. As most people invest their retirement fund in a debt mutual fund, you can put the expected rate of return in the range of 4 to 6%.
Based on the above inputs, the SWP calculator will tell you the amount you will get on redemption after the investment period of 20 years.
If you do all the above calculations manually, it isn't very easy. But, an SWP calculator can do the calculations instantly for you and provide a solution at your fingertips. If the investment amount at the end of the investment period is negative, you can tinker with the input parameters.

You can change the lumpsum investment amount (increase), withdrawal per month (reduce), or expected rate of return (increase) and see what works for you. Accordingly, you can implement the retirement plan as suggested by the systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) calculator. Thus, the SWP calculator is user-friendly, and it can help you plan your retirement in an organized manner.
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