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Crypto Currency:
Making Sense Of It

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Key Highlights


Crypto Basics: All an Investor needs to know

Speaker: Tushit Thakkar


Crypto from portfolio Management Point of View

Speaker: Pratik Oswal


QnA with Speakers

Speakers: Pratik Oswal, Tushit Thakkar Moderator: Jaideep Tibrewala

Speaker Details

Pratik Oswal

Pratik Oswal

Founder & CEO, Glide Invest

Tushit Thakkar

Tushit Thakkar

Manager, Quant Investments – PMS & AIF, Motilal Oswal AMC

Jaideep Tibrewala

Jaideep Tibrewala Moderator

Head of Product, Glide Invest